fulfillment and kitting


Adams offers a full range of fulfillment services designed to meet your specific needs. When selecting a fulfillment partner, it is important to consider the infrastructure that supports your program. Our fulfillment manager and seasoned team have over 47 years of experience in quality control and inventory management. We can accurately and seamlessly manage your inventory from receiving to distribution. We will compare various shipping consolidations for you, ensuring the most cost-effective shipments.

Warehousing and Storage

Our warehouse is climate controlled and secure for all your storage needs. 

Quality Control

Our entire team is committed to the continual enhancement of quality assurance and ensures quality through integrity. We take pride in our precision and the quality of products we release to our customers.


Your marketing collateral and data are safe with us. All data is encrypted and received via our secure file transfer protocol. Our facility is monitored 24/7 inside and outside the premises with 32 HD surveillance cameras. All entrances are secure with proximity card readers – including our data center and digital printing department. Biometric hand scanners are also used to track all job functions throughout the building for accountability and quality control.

Fulfillment Services

Among our complete range of fulfillment services, we offer:

• Literature fulfillment
• Kitting
• Hand assembly/nesting
• Pick and Pack
• Premium Incentives Distribution
• Packaging
• Warehousing
• Weighing/segregating
• Inventory and reporting
• Certified Mailingsfulfillment and kitting

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