Cross Media Marketing is the best option for improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, reducing the costs of your overall marketing program, and providing you with the best Return on Investment (ROI). The team at Adams can create Cross Media Marketing (CMM) programs that use the most relevant media channels in a systematic effort that is carefully calculated to provide you with the greatest impact from your 1-to-1 marketing campaign. We will work with you to develop a Cross Media campaign that integrates all the relevant media channels to increase responses, maximize results, and improve your ROI.

Before we design the campaign, our team will invest the time necessary to identify the media channels that are most appropriate for meeting your objectives and matching your market demographics. We will help you understand the most current integrated cross media strategies, and share valuable insights we've gained through the numerous successful implementations we have designed and conducted.

Benefits of an Effective CMM Campaign

The benefits of an effective CMM program should go well beyond the increase in response rate to the initial CMM campaign. Benefits our customers have experienced as a result of Adams' CMM program development expertise include:

• Increased Campaign Response Rates (for the initial and subsequent campaigns)
• Enhanced Customer Relationships
• Improved Brand Recognition
• Strengthened Customer Database
• Additional Sales and Revenue
• Interactive Marketing Experience to engage potential customers
• Customer Involvement to build your brand

Here's some cross media marketing examples that we've done for our clients.

CMM Program Elements

• Personalized URLs (PURLs)
• Targeted Variable Data e-mails
• Trigger e-mails / text messages
• Express Landing Pages (GURLs)
• Real Time Custom Reporting
• Custom QR Codes
• Video hosting – desktop and mobile
• Mobile Marketing
• Augmented Reality
• Personalized Videos


A personalized URL combined with a variable digital print direct mail component or variable e-mail blast is an effective way to increase your response rates. We can also personalize the online experience with a PURL to increase your response rates. We have the in-house expertise to design and develop an integrated digital print and PURL strategy. Let us show you what we can do!

Dynamic Landing Pages

Let us develop a unique and specifically branded landing page that captures the important information from your target audience. This information can be used to gain a better understanding of your clients' needs, and that is data we can use to increase your overall response rates and develop a more integrated strategy with follow-up communications.

Variable E-mail

Adams can incorporate a variable e-mail message as part of your integrated communication strategy. We use previous campaign responses to customize the messages in a triggered communication that will help produce leads, provide valuable information for future campaign strategies, and increase overall ROI.

Smartphone / Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is playing an increasingly important role in overall market strategies. We can design and implement a branded mobile landing page that efficiently measures response and drives revenue opportunities. This type of mobile application can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. With our online dashboard reporting you can easily track the effectiveness of your mobile campaign in real time. QR codes and SMS texting can also be integrated to enhance results.


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