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Adams Direct And Media Services:
Effective Marketing Solutions that Improve ROI

Data Management

We are the experts when it comes to updating
and cleansing your database files.


Let us help you maximize the value of your
data with our unique software programs.


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Adams Direct and Media Services - a division of Adams Addressing Associates. Inc. Contact Us Today

Cross Media Marketing

Communication is changing and so is the way that
people find the goods and services they need.


Add Cross Media Marketing to your
campaign to enhance your response rate.


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Adams Direct and Media Services - a division of Adams Addressing Associates. Inc. Contact Us Today

Variable Digital Printing

We offer a unique and diverse selection of digital printing options


Regardless of your digital printing needs, Adams has the expertise
and equipment to design an effective solution to provide you with the 
highest possible ROI.


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Adams Direct and Media Services - a division of Adams Addressing Associates. Inc. Contact Us Today

Mailing Services

We have over 49 years of direct mail experience
in all aspects of lettershop production.


Let us show you how to maximize your postage savings by utilizing our
intelligent inserters that allow you to run multiple versions in one print stream.


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Adams Direct and Media Services - a division of Adams Addressing Associates. Inc. Contact Us Today

Fulfillment and Kitting

Whether it's just a simple assemble and kitting project or a complex pick and
pack program, we have the qualified and experienced staff to make it successful.


We know how to accurately and seamlessly manage
your inventory from receiving to distribution.


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Adams Direct and Media Services - a division of Adams Addressing Associates. Inc. Contact Us Today


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Stamp Prices Set To Drop 2 Cents In April

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Defining the Modern Lettershop

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5 USPS Promotions for 2016

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Personalized Email: Whether to Get Personal or Not?

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Postage Increases are Coming

The Postal Regulatory Commission approved the USPS to increase its postage rate which will be going into effect on Sunday, May 31, 2015. Adams DMS... read more »

U.S. Postal Service to boost capital spending in 2015

Adams DMS is always keeping a close eye on the USPS as we rely heavily on their future operations.  In saying, we are happy to... read more »

Breaking News!

We have some good news to report! There will be no USPS postage increase in January 2015! The last several years we have seen an... read more »

Using QR codes successfully

When you do a little research on the internet you will find there are many mixed opinions regarding QR codes. Some believe they did not... read more »

Elevate your direct mail campaign by incorporating variable data!

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New Natural Gas Generator Installed

Today at our East Hanover facility, we finished installing a brand new Kohler Generator capable of keeping our building in full operation if we ever... read more »

Mohawk's Jack Haren named CFO of the year!

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Strength Behind Email Marketing

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Optimize Your ROI with One to One Marketing!

One to one marketing - also known as 1:1 marketing and personalized marketing, is a practical, yet an effective solution for companies to utilize.... read more »


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Web personalization & Email marketing

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Cross Media Marketing will bring success in 2014!

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USPS Postage Rates Going Up on January 26

Mailing a letter is about to get a little more expensive. Regulators on Tuesday approved a temporary price hike of 3 cents for a first-class... read more »

"Direct mail is still the strongest prompt for donations"

The holiday season is a great time of year to give back to those who are less fortunate. If your charity or nonprofit organization... read more »

Adams Direct & Media Services appoints new Senior Account Manager and Web Project Coordinator

We are excited to announce that we have recently welcomed Hopatcong resident Lisa DiFabrizio-Sanchez, and Morris Plains resident Lesley Delaney to the Adams family! ... read more »

Trending now: Social Media Marketing Trends 2014

Forbe’s article “The Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014”, gives a forecast of what to expect in social media marketing trends... read more »

Learn three easy ways to build your email list for your business

Business owners know how important it is to reach out to existing and potential customers. Social Media is a great tool to increase brand recognition.... read more »

Do you certify your mail?

Adams Direct and Media Service (Adams DMS) specializes in helping our clients certify mail. We are approved by the United States Postal Service to offer... read more »

Paper & print focus: How can print and digital be integrated in the marketing mix?

The Drum Modern Marketing & Media The Drum speaks with the 'big leagues' to discuss integrating print into the wider marketing mix. As part of... read more »

Postal Service Moving Away From At-Your-Door Delivery

If you're moving to a newly built house, say goodbye to mail delivery at your door. Does Adams Direct and Media Service like to... read more »

Pre-testing marketing message can improve direct mail campaigns

We at Adams DMS are always looking for ways to help our clients reach their goal, while saving money.  An interesting article we found talks... read more »

It’s Official: Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode Requirement Set for January, 2014

Mailers who want to continue taking advantage of automation prices for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter will have to use... read more »

Future Mail Enhancements

Streamlined entry & payment. Harness GPS & mobile technology. Support world-class service & efficient operations. Linking Print & Digital Real Mail Image Notifications (RMIN)... read more »

Direct Mail is Coming to Life

As we have said a few posts ago, Adams Direct & Media Services dedicates time to stay on top of the constant changes in marketing... read more »

Four Challenges for Direct Mail Marketers

Adams Direct and Media Services loves to provide our readers with the content we find that will help others with their own marketing.  This article... read more »

Ten Powerful Marketing Tips for the Small Business

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Cross Media and Big Data a Perfect Match

Direct mail is found to be at the head of the table when measuring big data correctly in cross media campaigns. Using data, marketers... read more »

Direct Mail Response Rates Going Up!

Like all businesses, Adams Direct & Media Services dedicates time to stay on top of the constant changes in marketing and market trends.  With a... read more »

QR Codes – Today's Advantage, Tomorrows Success

Although QR Codes were initially used to track parts in vehicle manufacturing, today they are used over a much wider range of applications.  These applications... read more »
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